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The Benefits of Natural Skin Care Products Over Conventional Products

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The Benefits of Natural Skin Care Products Over Conventional Products


In this era of health and wellness, it’s no surprise that more people are taking an interest in not only what they eat on a daily basis, but also to the ingredients in their daily skin care products. With 60% of everything you apply to your skin eventually ending up in your bloodstream, this definitely makes sense!


Of course, if you have grown up relying on specific products to take care of your skin care needs, then you may be reluctant to make the switch to an all natural skin care line, and you are probably brimming with questions.


Well, here at Vintage Body Care, we are always happy to answer your questions, and you should have plenty! As a consumer, it’s your right to know what you are buying, and why it can benefit you better than the products you may already be using.


So keep reading to find out some of the most common questions we get asked, as they are likely to be ones you have too.


Will Natural Skin Care Products Work As Effectively As Conventional Products?

It’s easy to feel comfortable with what’s familiar to you, but unfortunately, all you have to do is take a peek at the label to see that the product you’ve been using for years contains many harmful ingredients. Even some natural ingredients may have a strange name on the label, so if you are unsure, don’t be afraid to ask what it is.


As for whether or not natural products will work as well as conventional products, we can proudly say that they’ll actually work a lot better! Our natural products contain real nutrients and antioxidants to feed your skin and provide long-term benefits, unlike conventional products that are watered down and filled with chemicals. You may notice instant results with that drugstore lotion thanks to ingredients like silicone, which just coats your skin with a layer of hydration rather than actually sinking into your skin, and working at a cellular level.  You may notice that natural products take several weeks of use before you see the same results, but the results last, and will only improve the condition of your skin.

Can’t I Just Whip Up A Natural Product In My Kitchen?

You may assume that just because a product is natural, made with only pure plant-derived ingredients, that you can simply whip up a face mask made with fruits and veggies found in your kitchen, and that you’ll get the same results. Sure, it’s great fun to whip up a DIY face mask, and they certainly do provide some benefits, but natural products are a lot more concentrated, and often contain active ingredients that are not readily available at home , so, results will be more pronounced.


Are All Natural Products The Same?

We’re glad you asked! Many companies that still use ingredients such as parabens, are allowed to slap a natural label on their products simply because that product contains some natural ingredients. So not all natural products are created equally.


The trick is to always check the label, and to never hesitate to ask any questions you may have. If a company has nothing to hide, then they’ll be happy to help!


Are There Still Preservatives In Natural Skin Care Products?

If you aren’t sure what preservatives are, they are ingredients placed in products to help extend the lifespan of that product. Many conventional companies use preservatives such as parabens, petrolatum or synthetic fragrance, all of which not only do nothing for your skin, they can actually affect your health too.  Some of these may release formaldehyde or contain endocrine disruptors. Some have even been linked to an increased risk of cancer!


You may be wondering how natural products can avoid these types of preservatives, and the answer is simple. A preservative is not needed in oil-based products, as the oils acts as a natural preservative. Oils can only develop bacteria if water is introduced to them. In our products that contain water, like our lotions we help to prevent bacteria from forming by using natural preservatives that won’t affect your health, and will even provide benefits like extra hydration, such as Lactobacillus Ferment. You will never find any ingredients in our products that will put your health at risk, as we are all about providing our consumers with quality products that work, but that will keep you and your family safe too.


Are Natural Products better For The Environment?

Yes, most of them certainly are! Many of us don’t think about where our products will end up when our shower gel swirls down the drain, or we throw out that last bit of body lotion. Everything that goes down the drain ends up in our rivers and streams. If your products are full of non-ecofriendly ingredients, then these ingredients will pollute our rivers and streams, affecting wildlife, and therefore making a negative impact on our environment. Your products alone may not do much, but imagine millions of people washing away their chemically laden products. By choosing safe and natural ingredients, you are simply giving back to the environment, as nature is where all our ingredients start out!


If you want to start your natural skin care journey then check out our products! Don’t forget to share your results with us!


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