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by Barb Pledger on Vintage Body Care
Anti-age Serum

I absolutely love the way this product makes my skin feel. I have had several compliments since I started using it. I notice that my age spots have faded and my overall complexion just looks radiant.If you are looking for a lightweight, non greasy face treatment I would definitely advise you to try this...your face will love you for it. I also love the body lotion it is so creamy I always have had dry itchy skin and since I have been using this lotion my skin is plump and no more itching. Plus by age spots on my body are also fading. Give these products a try you won't be sorry!

by Korlee on Vintage Body Care

I absolutely love the deodorant. Best all natural deodorant ive tried so far!!

by Judith Williams on Vintage Body Care
Anti-aging Serum

Nothing is going to stop the aging process. We age each day however, the serum sure does make it feel better.

by Katie on Vintage Body Care
These products rock!

My friend, Eliza, started this company. Between her nursing/chemistry background, love for organic ingredients, and her insanely sharp palette coupled with her sense of smell, these are the best products I have ever used. My body thanks me every time I use them!! Check it out, especially before she realizes what she has and really charges us what her stuff is worth!! Cheers!! I would mention one thing, but they have all been better than I could imagine or buy elsewhere for any amount... 🙂

by Maureen Kuykendall on Vintage Body Care

I have issues with dry skin and have not found any products that helped until now. These products are amazing. I'm addicted to the body scrubs and anything lemongrass. The pit paste is perfect and does not leave any residue on my clothes like regular deodorant. And the lotions are so smooth and creamy. A little goes a long way!!

by Sarah frederick on Vintage Body Care
Pit paste

I purchased the Rosemary and mint pit paste. This stuff is awesome. Leaves you smelling good and feeling clean all day. I will never go back to the evil store bought, aluminum filled stuff again. I have tried other natural deodorants, but this is the best!

Thank you for changing my life!!!!

So i have spent YEARS trying to find skin care products that work for my extremely sensitive skin. I have had acne since i was 11 years old, i am now 27 going on 28, so for almost 20 years now i felt incredibly self conscious about my skin. to the point where i was always thinking about how terrible it looked in any social situation i was would always be on my mind, are they noticing all of my blemishes?? even when my fiance would look into my eyes to tell me that he loves me my first thought would be, what does my skin look like right now?? I don't think people with clear skin can truly understand how self conscious you can be when you suffer from that kind of acne. In the last few yeas the amount of pimples i would have on a daily basis got better, with age and hormone levels that tends to happen, but the dark marks on my face from scaring were so bad i still needed to wear make up every single day. and usually about 4 days a week i would still break out and have at least 10 pimples with all of the countless dark i had the same thoughts everyday, Job interview what was i thinking? are they noticing my skin? parent teacher conference what was i thinking? does she see all of these dark spots? Romantic night with my fiance what was i thinking? is he seeing all of these blemishes??until i received a vintage body care gift one day that had the body scrub and the herbal salve included in the gift. the products smelled so amazing i was genuinely really excited to use them, the Lemongrass body lotion smells BEYOND amazing!! anyway, i started to wash my face with the body scrub (it is all natural so i figured it would be safe for my face) and i followed that with a the herbal salve as a lotion after, honestly i don't know what possessed me to use these products in that way, but it made sense to me at the time! i woke up the next day and noticed a difference! no exaggeration, i saw a difference with that combination the very next day!it has been about a month now of using vintage body care products and I have finally stopped obsessing over how my skin looks! i have never felt so confident in my life!!! thank you so much vintage for changing my life in that way. For the first time in 28 years i feel truly cant put a price on that 🙂

I have spent hundreds of dollars on "high name" facial creams, searching for something I can give my sensitive skin everyday. I really have with not much luck. I was nervous with trying the Facial Serum, but it was worth the "one more try" risk. I used it for a week with no adverse reactions, no oily leftover, and no new breakouts. My pores look and feel smaller, I wake up with smoother skin, and lately a more even tone.
Really thrilled with this product. Excellent price, perfect results, easy to use and kind to my skin.
Thank you for making something I can finally grow old with!

by Stacy on Vintage Body Care

Lovin' the coconut oil soap. Lather is amazing, love that it is a BIG bar and that all the ingredients are so carefully selected for their sustainability. This company is definitely looking out for our planet's common good! Keep it up!

My niece introduced me to Eliza' s products almost a year ago and now I won't use anything else! Love them!

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