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Ingredient Spotlight – Shea Butter

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Oh, how we love shea butter here at Vintage Body Care!  I’ll even have to admit that I’ve found myself smearing it on all exposed skin at random times just because I love the smell and feel of this amazing powerhouse of a butter.  Why do we think shea butter is so amazing, you ask?  Well, read on and find out!

Shea butter is pressed from the nuts of the shea tree, found in Africa.  It does have a characteristic smell that most people grow to love.  Grade A shea butter is extremely high in naturally occurring vitamin A.  It is a powerhouse of a moisturizer and has shown time and time again to aid in multiple skin conditions – often improving the appearance of fine lines/wrinkles, eczema, blemishes, dermatitis and stretch marks just to name a few (thank you, vitamin A!).

Shea butter has amazing properties due to several natural moisturizers that are present in it’s raw state.  The moisturizers found in shea butter are the similar to the moisturizers that your sebaceous glands naturally produce.  Since our sebaceous gland are constantly busy moisturizing our own skin, it only makes sense that shea butter is a superior moisturizer.  Shea butter has also been found to be beneficial for wound healing.

Shea butter has a high content of vitaminC and E, which makes it an ideal butter to use for healing properties, anti-aging properties and anti-free radical properties.  Vitamin E is also thought to increase micro-circulation, accounting for some of the wound and skin healing properties exhibited by shea butter.

All shea butters are not created equally.  In order to get all of these amazing benefits, one must be using grade A raw shea.  Here at Vintage Body Care, we only use grade A, fair-trade shea.  A portion of our purchase from our shea goes back to the women’s co-ops that are pressing it for our use – ensuring humane working conditions, fair wages and employment empowerment for these women.  Read about an example of women’s cooperatives here.

Shea has an extremely large percent of non-saponifiables (this contains most of the healing properties).  When cold-pressed and used in it’s raw state it can be considered a superfood for your skin!  So, slather, rub, massage and douse yourself in it’s yummy goodness!

Here are some reasons to dive head first into a Vintage Body Care shea butter product

  1.  Dry Skin
  2. Skin Rashes
  3. Peeling skin
  4. Itchy skin
  5. Sunburn
  6. Cracks on feet
  7. Extreme dry skin on feet, elbows or knees
  8. Blemishes
  9. Wrinkles
  10. Stretch mark prevention during pregnancy
  11. Insect bites
  12. Muscle fatigue
  13. Poison ivy
  14. Poison oak
  15. Eczema
  16. Dermatitis
  17. Skin damage from heat
  18. Small skin wounds or abrasions
  19. To promote healthy skin
  20. Before and after strenuous exercise

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