Body Butter vs. Lotion – Which One Should You Use?

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Shea butter lotion

What’s The Difference Between A Body Butter and A Body Lotion? Is your skin dehydrated?  Dryness is a lack of oil ON the skin, Dehydration is a lack of moisture IN the skin.  There are a few simple ways to determine if your skin is dry or dehydrated.   First off, take note of your entire body function, not just the appearance of your skin.  Your urine should be clear or very light yellow and you should be going every few hours.  If it is darker yellow, has a strong odor or you only go one to two times per day; your body is most likely dehydrated, which would include your skin.  Secondly, pinch a small amount of skin on the back of your hand – it should easily rebound to it’s normal state.  If it does not, your skin …… ( more )

Scrub Your Way To Glowing Skin With Regular Exfoliation

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Exfoliation at home

Scrub Your Way To Glowing Skin With Regular Exfoliation Ever noticed that your skin seems a little off? Maybe it just seems dull, or perhaps you’re tired of constantly feeling itchy. If this is the case then it’s time for an exfoliation.   Many people know what exfoliation is, but many fail to do it on a regular basis. However, if you want glowing, clear and healthy skin that never itches or flakes, then exfoliation is something you need to squeeze into your skin care routine!   Keep reading to find out a few of our favorite benefits of regular exfoliation, and how it can help you to achieve glowing skin instantly. What is Exfoliation? Exfoliation is the use of a scrub to slough away old, dead skin cells that have accumulated on your skin. While our body is constantly …… ( more )

March Giveaway and Why We LOVE it!

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March is here and we are oh-so-happy about it!  Why?  March is a great month here at Vintage Body Care.  Here’s why…. In March 2012,  we were blessed with the birth of a beautiful baby girl.  She was born prematurely, which involved a little extra hospital time and some problems we weren’t expecting.  I had already been placed on modified bed-rest for a good portion of the end of the pregnancy.  During this time is when I really started researching natural alternatives to conventional treatments, products, foods, etc.  Through this research I started learning more about toxins in our everyday environment.  When my daughter was unexpectedly born, I became hyper-vigilant about the toxins surrounding her, especially since she was so fragile being premature. Over the course of a few weeks, I realized it was time to take matters into our …… ( more )