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Body Wash vs. Soap: Which is better?

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body wash vs soap

Body Wash vs. Soap: Which is Better?


Do you prefer bar soap or body wash to lather up with every day? Many people prefer the squeaky clean feeling soap bars usually provide, whereas others prefer a moisturizing body wash, that leaves behind a silky texture, even after rinsing.


No matter what your preference, if you are using conventional products from your local drugstore, then chances are you’re feeding your skin with no real nutrients, but rather ingredients that may have detrimental effects on your skin.


Conventional soap bars usually contain ingredients which can have a very drying effect on the skin and can strip the skin of oils necessary to keep it hydrated and healthy.  Conventional soaps also may contain parabens, phthalates, synthetic parfum and petrochemicals. Conventional body washes may leave your skin feeling super soft and moisturized, but this is usually due to temporary ingredients like silicones and harmful preservatives such as parabens, which is just not worth it in our opinion!


Here, at Vintage Body Care, we carry both soap bars and body washes, and we’d like to show you the difference and how both can benefit your skin.

Body Wash

Our body washes have been created with absolutely no junk, and only pure, good-for-you ingredients that will provide long-term benefits for your skin with regular use.


Our body washes are aimed at skin that may be sensitive or extremely dry, as it is packed with soothing ingredients such as colloidal oatmeal, shea butter, cupuacu butter, abyssinian oil and shea nut oil. Our body wash will help moisturize as it gently cleanses using 100% naturally derived and Eco Certified ingredients. It is also pH balanced, preventing stripping of your skin’s natural oils, as well as irritation to the skin.


You will still be guaranteed a beautiful creamy lather, but this won’t be thanks to nasty sulfates as all our products are sulfate free. Our body washes also contain African Black Soap to help soothe and relieve a variety of pesky skin conditions, and aloe juice is used as a base rather than water for added hydrating and soothing benefits.


We offer an array of gorgeous scents, created with pure essential oils, and never artificial fragrance.

Hand-Crafted Soap

Conventional soap bars are usually very drying to the skin, but our handcrafted soaps are made with only pure ingredients that will not strip your skin and leave it feeling dry and tight, but rather soft and supple with just enough hydration.


Our soap bars contain ingredients like coconut oil, coconut milk, avocado oil and shea butter to help deep clean your skin leaving it beautifully polished, but never greasy. If you wanted more intense moisture, then we would recommend one of our body washes, otherwise our soap bars do the job perfectly, and will leave your skin glowing.


At the end of the day, it all comes down to the type of products you choose to purchase. Whether you opt for a soap bar or body wash (or why not both!) from us, you can expect excellent benefits from both, as all our products are made with naturally derived ingredients and contain ingredients that your skin will simply drink up!


In Conclusion

For a soothing, creamy lather, moisturizing wash – we suggest any of our amazing body washes. For a deep squeaky clean – we suggest our bar soap.  So, lather up and enjoy!!

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