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Body Butter vs. Lotion – Which One Should You Use?

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Shea butter lotion

What’s The Difference Between A Body Butter and A Body Lotion?

Is your skin dehydrated?  Dryness is a lack of oil ON the skin, Dehydration is a lack of moisture IN the skin.  There are a few simple ways to determine if your skin is dry or dehydrated.


First off, take note of your entire body function, not just the appearance of your skin.  Your urine should be clear or very light yellow and you should be going every few hours.  If it is darker yellow, has a strong odor or you only go one to two times per day; your body is most likely dehydrated, which would include your skin.  Secondly, pinch a small amount of skin on the back of your hand – it should easily rebound to it’s normal state.  If it does not, your skin is likely dehydrated.


If your urine is clear and you don’t experience any form of “tenting” when your skin is pinched, you may just have superficially dry skin from environmental conditions.  But, if you do notice the above signs, it’s time to start increasing your intake of water.

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Dry skin is a very common skin issue that you are sure to experience at some point in your life. Dry skin is the result of a variety of factors with indoor furnaces, dry winter weather and frequent washing with an alcohol based soap being some of the main ones.


You may have looked online or found a store that carries both lotions and body butters, but perhaps found yourself scratching your head in confusion. Aren’t all lotions the same, and isn’t a body butter a lotion too?


That’s why we’re here, to help make things a bit easier for you to understand when it comes to hydrating your parched skin. So keep reading, and then get on over to our site to treat your skin to some all natural, quality products!


What is a Lotion?


Lotions are made up of a combination of water and oil, bound together with an emulsifier. Before you dismiss a lotion because it contains water, consider this; water is not a filler ingredient in lotion, but rather there to help hydrate your dry skin cells. So the water in a lotion aids in hydrating your skin cells, and the oils in a lotion help to ensure that that moisture stays locked into the skin.


Lotions also absorb deeply into the skin, leaving no greasy finish, and are an ideal option if your skin is already dry or dehydrated.


What is a Body Butter?

whipped shea butter lotion


If you’ve ever applied a body butter to your skin, then you know how incredibly luxurious and silky it feels on the skin, and we won’t be surprised if you’ve ditched the lotion altogether in favor of this richer and thicker product. However, body butters may not be your best option if your skin is dehydrated.


Body butters differ from lotions in that they contain a combination of a butter, usually shea butter, along with a combination of oils, such as coconut and apricot kernel oil. While these deeply nourishing ingredients will certainly moisturize your skin, it’s important to apply it after a shower when your skin is still damp from the shower to ensure it absorbs properly and stays locked into the skin. Body butters are ideal if your skin is superficially dry, or if you have any skin issues such as chapping or inflammation, as shea butter is especially excellent at treating these kinds of skin issues. Another option would be to apply your butter over a lotion for additional protection and hydration.


As you can see, lotions and butters have different benefits, however best results can be seen if used in conjunction with each other. To check out our lotions click here, and for a peek at our butters click here.

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