3 Ways Exercise Can Improve Your Skin

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3 Ways Exercise Can Improve Your Skin Exercise is something you know is important for your health, but you may be very busy and find it hard to squeeze into your daily schedule. Or perhaps you’ve tried going to the gym, but found yourself getting bored of the monotony of walking on the treadmill.   When it comes to exercise, what really helps is to find an activity that you love doing. If you love going on hikes, then make spending more time in nature a priority, even going for an evening walk after work can be beneficial. Or if you are very social and love meeting new people then sign up for a fun dance cardio class or a yoga class.   If you need more motivation to get your sweat on then keep reading, because in this article …… ( more )

3 Detox Water Recipes for Clearer Skin

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3 Detox Water Recipes for Clearer Skin Summer has arrived, which means you probably find yourself reaching for a cold drink a little more often than you would in the cooler months.    But did you know that your drink of choice can determine the state of your skin?   Drinking cans of sugary soda pop or iced teas may feel refreshing, however the high sugar content of these drinks will actually suck water out of your cells and leave your skin looking dull and dry.   Now we understand that water may seem a little boring, but you might change your mind once you give these recipes a try! Drink at least 8 glasses of detox water a day and just watch the wonderful transformation that happens in your skin!   Refreshing Cucumber, Mint and Lemon   Not only …… ( more )

2 DIY Face Masks To Instantly Perk Up Your Skin

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2 DIY Face Masks To Instantly Perk Up Your Skin Ever noticed the price tag on a fancy face mask at a popular beauty store such as Sephora, and wondered if it really works?   Chances are, that pricey face mask is brimming with a lot of synthetic ingredients, along with the antioxidant ingredients the company may be trying to promote.   Of course natural skincare is always the best route, but did you know that there are probably ingredients in your kitchen, right now, that you can combine to make a dreamy face mask that will tighten, brighten and hydrate your skin? And it won’t cost you a thing!   When you make your own mask at home, be sure to use it right away.  If you haven’t added a preservative, the ingredients will go bad and start to …… ( more )

Body Butter vs. Lotion – Which One Should You Use?

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Shea butter lotion

What’s The Difference Between A Body Butter and A Body Lotion? Is your skin dehydrated?  Dryness is a lack of oil ON the skin, Dehydration is a lack of moisture IN the skin.  There are a few simple ways to determine if your skin is dry or dehydrated.   First off, take note of your entire body function, not just the appearance of your skin.  Your urine should be clear or very light yellow and you should be going every few hours.  If it is darker yellow, has a strong odor or you only go one to two times per day; your body is most likely dehydrated, which would include your skin.  Secondly, pinch a small amount of skin on the back of your hand – it should easily rebound to it’s normal state.  If it does not, your skin …… ( more )

2 Reasons You Should Ditch The Conventional Deodorant and Opt For An All Natural Alternative

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2 Reasons You Should Ditch The Conventional Deodorant and Opt For An All Natural Alternative When it comes to deodorant, you may feel as if you don’t have a choice in the matter; you simply have to have it. This is completely understandable, because as human beings sweating is a natural part of everyday life, and some of us do deal with excessive sweat, in which case an antiperspirant becomes a staple in our daily life. You do, however, have a choice in the type of deodorant you use.   Before stocking up on another conventional speed stick, you may want to read this article. Behind those pleasant smelling deodorant sticks, lurk a host of unfavorable ingredients that can seriously impact your health over time.     Here’s 2 reasons you don’t need it, as well as a natural alternative …… ( more )

Scrub Your Way To Glowing Skin With Regular Exfoliation

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Exfoliation at home

Scrub Your Way To Glowing Skin With Regular Exfoliation Ever noticed that your skin seems a little off? Maybe it just seems dull, or perhaps you’re tired of constantly feeling itchy. If this is the case then it’s time for an exfoliation.   Many people know what exfoliation is, but many fail to do it on a regular basis. However, if you want glowing, clear and healthy skin that never itches or flakes, then exfoliation is something you need to squeeze into your skin care routine!   Keep reading to find out a few of our favorite benefits of regular exfoliation, and how it can help you to achieve glowing skin instantly. What is Exfoliation? Exfoliation is the use of a scrub to slough away old, dead skin cells that have accumulated on your skin. While our body is constantly …… ( more )

3 Tips to Get Your Skin Glowing This Spring/Summer

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3 Tips To Get Your Skin Glowing and Radiant From Head To Toe This Spring/Summer   Spring is officially almost here, and after months of long, dreary days we bet you’ve already started spring cleaning your closet! But have you paid the same attention to your beauty cabinet?   Spring is a time of renewal, where buds start appearing with promises of beautiful bright colors and lush foliage to come. It’s also the perfect time to refresh your current skin care regime, and introduce products that are right for the season.   In this article we will look at a few skin care essentials for the new season, as well as a few other tips to ensure you enjoy radiant and glowing skin right until the leaves start turning color again.   Don’t Ditch The Hydration While extra hydration is …… ( more )

Body Wash vs. Soap: Which is better?

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body wash vs soap

Body Wash vs. Soap: Which is Better?   Do you prefer bar soap or body wash to lather up with every day? Many people prefer the squeaky clean feeling soap bars usually provide, whereas others prefer a moisturizing body wash, that leaves behind a silky texture, even after rinsing.   No matter what your preference, if you are using conventional products from your local drugstore, then chances are you’re feeding your skin with no real nutrients, but rather ingredients that may have detrimental effects on your skin.   Conventional soap bars usually contain ingredients which can have a very drying effect on the skin and can strip the skin of oils necessary to keep it hydrated and healthy.  Conventional soaps also may contain parabens, phthalates, synthetic parfum and petrochemicals. Conventional body washes may leave your skin feeling super soft and …… ( more )

Two Ways You Can Use Our Oil Based Serum

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facial serum for acne

Two Ways You Can Use Our Oil Based Serum For Optimum Results   Facial serums have become a hot topic in the beauty world, and for good reason. Unlike moisturizers, oil based serums do not contain water.  Therefore,  serums can contain up to 10 times the active ingredients of a moisturizer, making them a lot more concentrated and ideal for addressing issues such as fine lines, sagging skin, and even blemishes.   There’s a misconception that because a product is oil based it should not be used on oily skin, but because our facial serum is rich in antioxidants and balanced in the types of fatty acids it contains, it’s ideal for all skin types, therefore both treating and preventing problem prone skin.   Many people also assume that because they have added a serum into their routine they can …… ( more )

The Benefits of Natural Skin Care Products Over Conventional Products

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organic skin care products

The Benefits of Natural Skin Care Products Over Conventional Products   In this era of health and wellness, it’s no surprise that more people are taking an interest in not only what they eat on a daily basis, but also to the ingredients in their daily skin care products. With 60% of everything you apply to your skin eventually ending up in your bloodstream, this definitely makes sense!   Of course, if you have grown up relying on specific products to take care of your skin care needs, then you may be reluctant to make the switch to an all natural skin care line, and you are probably brimming with questions.   Well, here at Vintage Body Care, we are always happy to answer your questions, and you should have plenty! As a consumer, it’s your right to know what …… ( more )