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2 DIY Face Masks To Instantly Perk Up Your Skin

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2 DIY Face Masks To Instantly Perk Up Your Skin

Ever noticed the price tag on a fancy face mask at a popular beauty store such as Sephora, and wondered if it really works?


Chances are, that pricey face mask is brimming with a lot of synthetic ingredients, along with the antioxidant ingredients the company may be trying to promote.


Of course natural skincare is always the best route, but did you know that there are probably ingredients in your kitchen, right now, that you can combine to make a dreamy face mask that will tighten, brighten and hydrate your skin? And it won’t cost you a thing!


When you make your own mask at home, be sure to use it right away.  If you haven’t added a preservative, the ingredients will go bad and start to breed bacteria.


Keep reading for our 2 absolute favorites!

Brightening Boost

3 simple ingredients to brighten your skin.


Nothing says healthy like a bright and glowing complexion, but it may seem that no matter how much highlighter you apply, your skin still looks dull.


Fortunately, we have found you a face mask that will instantly solve your dull skin woes.


Turmeric has powerful anti-inflammatory properties to soothe the skin, as well as reduce hyper pigmentation and even out the skin tone to name a few.  

***Always test a patch of skin on your wrist before using turmeric, it can stain the skin in some cases.  I find that cleansing with our facial serum or other oil (like olive or pumpkin) removes the slight yellow color, should this occur***


Honey has incredible antibacterial properties to reduce and prevent blemishes. It also adds soothing hydration and promotes a gorgeous glow.


Yogurt (try to use organic and make sure it doesn’t contain anything other than milk and cultures) contains lactic acid, which helps to naturally exfoliate and soften the skin.  Studies are also being conducted on the benefit of probiotics for the skin.


Combined, these ingredients provide your skin with a real treat that’s suitable for all skin types.


Get the full recipe here.

Green Superfood Dream

A mask so good, you can eat it!


We’re constantly told how important it is to eat our greens, so why not slather it on your skin too? This green face mask contains ingredients you may be familiar with seeing in a salad or a latte, and while they offer some awesome health benefits when consumed, they will provide your skin with an instant boost when applied directly to your skin.


Matcha is green tea powder that is chock full of antioxidants. These antioxidants will keep your skin youthful by fighting off free radicals, as well as stimulating blood flow to promote the formation of collagen.


Cucumber and mint add not only a refreshing twist and a bewitching smell to this mask, they have some excellent skin benefits too, including reducing pore size and adding a deep dose of hydration.


When combined, you have a mask that smells so good you might be tempted to have a taste, and guess what, you can because it’s completely free of the not-so-good for you synthetic ingredients! Now, isn’t that a great feeling?


Get the full recipe here.

Next time your skin needs a boost, then head to your kitchen and allow nature to work its magic!



Hope you enjoy!  Feel free to post your photos of you using your face masks on our Facebook Page.

Have an amazing week!!


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